About Rose Lee

Rose Lee is a women and family issues specialist and award winning producer and host of the Rose Lee Archer Show. In Graduate School she discovered her niche in journalism by addressing FCC licensing requirements of broadcast network television stations. Her unique brand of public interest programming explores a variety of issues and offers pragmatic solutions to get past life’s adversities.  Rose Lee knows firsthand how important credible information is to help families conquer life’s adversities.  Her determination to find pragmatic solutions to her son’s medical and educational issues as a teen mom is the core essence of her passionate approach to help others, help themselves.  “Information is power, and my show empowers our viewers with the right information” she says. The Rose Lee Archer Show offers practical resources featured by government agencies, nonprofit organizations and the private business sector.

Rose Lee launched her show in 1998 on Comcast Production Group, TV 3 airing Wednesday evenings. She moved the show to Channel 20, Palm Beach TV working closely with local and state government. Rose Lee launched her show on PAX TV on Saturdays to expand her message to Florida broadcast TV stations.  In 2007, PAX TV was rebranded as ION Television.  Rose Lee continues her relationship with the ION Television network, where her show airs each Tuesday and Thursday from 6 AM- 7 AM on five Florida stations:

WPXC– Jacksonville, Florida/Brunswick, Georgia

WXPX– Tampa, Florida                                                 WOPX– Orlando, Florida

WPXM- Miami, Florida                                                 WPXP– West Palm Beach, Florida

Her leadership style as a journalist coupled with her maternal love is the motivation behind the work at the Archer Disability Foundation. The nonprofit organization is a labor of love she shares with her son who has overcome many intellectual and medical issues.   Together mom and son media volunteers target social and economic issues that affect persons with disabilities and those who care for them.  Rose Lee is a known celebrity empowered business speaker that expands her message as a national advocate for social equality and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Rose Lee’s award winning journalistic style sets her apart from the mainstream media.  Each year she produces numerous segments highlighting the abilities and contributions of persons with disabilities to share with her Florida viewers.roselee-whitesuit

Her proactive leadership approach has captured the hearts of the media and government agencies, on and off camera. Her past awards include:

  • Florida Points of Light Award
  • Women in Business Advocate of the Year
  • SBA Journalist of the Year, Florida
  • Women of the Year in Television
  • Best Diversity Initiative in Human Interest
  • SBA Women in Business Advocate, Florida