Rose Lee Productions Inc.

Rose Lee Productions Inc. is a woman owned business and the owned and operated production company creating the award winning “Rose Lee Archer Show” since 1998.
Rose Lee Production’s Inc. is the production source that packages the public affairs weekly program and is closed captioned and then sent up via a satellite feed to each of the Florida ION channels through ION Media Networks Inc.-NOC headquarters in Clearwater Florida.
The feeds are distributed to the five Florida Stations below each week to address the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) requirements of each broadcast station. These stations are in the markets below and represent the viewing house holds ready to watch the show:

  • Miami-Ft Lauderdale  1,468,630  HH  TV 35
  • West Palm Beach          681,100  HH  TV 67
  • Tampa-St Pete           1,671,040  HH  TV 66
  • Orlando                      1,303,150  HH  TV 56
  • Jacksonville, FL. &
  • Brunswick, GA.              613,000  HH  TV 21


Total:                               5,736,920   House Holds in the Florida market

The Rose Lee Archer Show airs each week on ION Media  Networks, Inc. television broadcasting company which owns and operates the largest

broadcast television station group in the U.S., as measured by the number of television households in the markets our stations serve.

Rose Lee Production’s creative communication multimedia production company, spotlights public interest issues to raise awareness and achieve change. The Rose Lee Archer Show is committed to serve the public interest obligations broadcasters are required to provide.
Rose Lee recognized the need for informational programming that could help viewer’s resolve life’s adversities. Her unique journalistic style exposes core social issues affecting our quality of life and advocates for grassroots change for the greater good of all.
Rose Lee’s expert guests offer solutions to overcome life’s adversities from government agencies, nonprofit organizations and the private business sector.

Rose Lee Production’s offers public awareness outreach campaigns to expand your message by producing informative video documentaries to stimulate change. Learn more about our marketing alternatives that serve the public interest and provide awareness for your cause. Rose Lee’s hands on experience in social issues began as a teen mom of a son with intellectual disabilities. Today, she is a nationally recognized media advocate committed to create awareness and positive change, by targeting the issues faced by persons with disabilities and the families who care for them. Reveal the social impact of an issue you are passionate about to Rose Lee’s audience.

Discover Rose Lee’s social awareness causal marketing projects to serve public interest requirements and raise awareness for your cause. We produce and distribute inspiring Public Service Announcements, (PSA). Our services offer media outlets the direction to showcase and implement social issue awareness outreach campaigns, our services offer custom designs to increase your organization’s visibility.
Rose Lee Productions offers expert talents and a passionate strategic approach to establish your presence in the community to achieve social change.

Documentary packages

Grass roots campaigns offer documentary style videos from 5 to 90 minutes partnered with a custom designed PSA audio & video packages available in 10, 15, 30 & 60 seconds. All productions are closed captioned and available in Spanish translation.

Causal Marketing is a unique form of designing an Advocacy campaign that aligns corporate America with a social cause. This form of marketing ignites the emotional element of a social issue and raise awareness to create change.